Getting to know Aliza

Hi, and welcome to Aliza, the cutting-edge hair care company committed to celebrating diversity in beauty! We are an up and coming name in the afro-cosmetic industry who want to help provide women of all hair types and styles with the absolute best hair care technology. With our vital personal experience and knowledge of the afro-cosmetic industry, Aliza has carefully designed all of our products with your needs in mind.

We hope to help revolutionize the industry with our sophisticated innovation and inclusivity of all races, backgrounds, shapes and styles. With the new and long overdue body positivity we’re seeing in the beauty industry, we want to be part of a community that helps women everywhere embrace, nourish and cherish their own unique, natural beauty with great products catered specifically for their natural hair. Speaking of which, have you seen our products yet? Aliza offers a range of fantastic, cutting edge technology which can be used both professionally in salons or at home for affordable, expert results.

Our products include the Aliza Ceramic Straightener, the Aliza Titanium Professional Straightener, the Aliza Hair Dryer 4000 Ionic and the Aliza Hair Dryer 2000 Ionic. Each product is designed to work beautifully with a wide range of hair types for whatever your styling needs. We’re immensely proud of our designs and have spent a lot of time perfecting them to make them as good as they can be! We’ve ensured they have a lightweight feel, plenty of different temperature settings, added attachments, ionic technology and high-quality materials which have all been painstakingly chosen to give you the best experience and plenty of choices and control, so you’ll easily find what’s right for you and your hair.

No matter what your hair type, whether it be coarse and hard to manage or fine, you’ll find the right product and setting for you. Our products can boost curls, eliminate frizz or leave you with sleek, silky smooth locks – whatever your heart desires! Most importantly, we promise professional looking style and nourished, healthy, beautiful hair every time! We get our amazing Aliza products to you through our partnership with Janson Wholesale, another leading figure in the Afro-Caribbean cosmetics and beauty industry since 1981. Aliza is extremely excited to have partnered with Janson Wholesale as we feel that they understand and relate to our core values of diversity in beauty.

Through Janson Wholesale, salon owners and barbers across the UK will have access to our haircare range to give you even better hair. Together with Janson Wholesale, Aliza hopes to make the beauty industry a more diverse, positive and inclusive environment, where beauty is for everyone and natural beauty is truly appreciated. Aliza does everything we can to ensure our products are accessible and diverse, so that everyone can get professional and affordable styling to help them feel like the queen they are! We want to make sure every woman feels represented and her needs heard, where she isn’t told she has to look a certain way to be beautiful, but that she’s beautiful just as she is. Like what you hear? Then why not browse our products now and revolutionize your hair care routine with our great products! We’re sure to keep bringing new and exciting products to you, so stay tuned… Embrace and love your style with Aliza!


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